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5 things you walk away with from our Somo Shops

Here's a lifehack! If you want to get the best bargain for your plane tickets - try buying them on lazy Sunday afternoons. No one is travelling then. But if you do your ticketing on Fridays - well, everyone is trying to go to Mombasa and airlines are looking into making profits - think of it as ‘rush hour. But should you find your local airline has higher prices on Sundays than they do Fridays… don’t quote me!

Some of our Somo products on display

If you’re anything close to being a lover of shopping, then you must definitely like an array of good products; quality and durable. You’d like to comfortably walk into a shop around you, and get true value for the goods exchanged. Something such as a good pair of Moya Ankara Shoes to rock with your homeboys in your next group trip to Naivasha. Or probably a nice fanny pack or a patched up bag to flaunt in your next outdoor activity courtesy of The Goblin Gym. Well, if you love shopping and love yourself some good products, I have the best picks for you!

1. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter? How come?

Yes, that’s probably the first reaction in your mind. Who blogs about peanut butter?

But what if I told you it would surprise you how much peanut butter you would need to consume for your health?

It is estimated that approximately 89 per cent of people globally use peanut butter for their meals. And this is not just the peanut sandwiches in movies - it also includes the nice traditional meals you get from your favourite restaurants. From Nyanza’s well known magira delicacy, (popularly known as peanut butter sauce), to peanut flavoured chapatis - peanut butter is probably the one thing you should be spreading the next time you're buying bread, and adding to your home dishes.

Made in Kenya by our very own local entrepreneurs, Somo’s Peanut butter is exactly what you need to maintain your blood sugar levels, boost your heart health, assist you in weight loss, reduce your risk of breast disease and also if you’re a bodybuilder, this will go a long way in getting you your smoothies! It’s a natural way to get the most nutritional benefit for your body - 100 per cent free of preservatives

Additionally, buying our Somo Peanut butter will promote local jobs. It takes a team of 15 - 20 men and women to jointly plant, harvest and produce the smooth butter in your glass jars. So as the Englishmen always say … Your little act of kindness will surely go a long way.

2. Mango pickled Scorch chilli!

Far from what is commonly thought - chilli is not only reserved for Indian and Asian dishes. Neither is it the pilipili you ask for from your favorite restaurant to add to your Ugali - managu. Chilli is medically considered to help reduce heart attack risks for people who are at high risk of heart complications.

Somo Scorch chilli, manufactured by True Kijani Farms, contains canola oils which are a go-to prescription by doctors when prescribing foods to children with disability. The Somo Scorch chilli is rich in vitamins that help with your immunity and generally help in cutting down your body’s cholesterol level, keeping it at a constant low. If you’d like a product for good heart health, visit one of our Somo dukas.

3. Bamboo furniture

Nope, this wasn’t just a food blog talking about peanut butter and chilli - because we all love ourselves some nice home furniture. Don’t we?

Getting credible non-crickety beds can be as easy as dialling our sales phone number. You’re looking to redecorate your home to have some nice pieces of furniture? We’ve got you covered! Or maybe you’d love yourself some nice bamboo beds? We’ve got your back. Literally!

Made by our very own entrepreneur Boniface Maina - founder of Elegance Bamboo - Boniface will make your bed and you’ll sure lie on it. His state of the art bamboo furniture - from chairs to glass tables, to office chairs and desks - are the exact way to Africanise your home. It’s not just about how nice fresh bamboo smells in your living room - but to also know you got value for the investment you made, the local talent you participated in supporting, the true effort you helped grow and to know that it’s a product whose manufacturer you can trace. He is literally an Instagram follow away, a Facebook like away from you.

4. and 5: Moya Footwear and Kizito Art creations

Just before we close our shop, here’s a little reminder; shoes are considered a makeup for your feet! If you’d like yourself some nice pair of leather shoes, we have the pick for you.

Shadrak creates quality shoes from recycled materials, such as leather waste, fabric cut-offs, used vehicle tires etc, to design shoes customised to your liking. He also trains young mothers and youth to produce shoes. A trip to getting these shoes would be a nice way to gift yourself for coming this far into the year.

Finally, Kizito - who not only sits at the Kenya National Visual Artists Association board as a member, but you’d find him in his art space creating wall paintings and hangings and other home decor pieces to beautify your home. All to your liking!

Time to go!

Looks like it’s time to go, not for me to go, but rather for you to come and visit our shops. If distance would kill you, you’re free to dial for a delivery. You deserve some nice things.

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