Empowering Entrepreneurs
to change the world

Somo is the root of a Swahili word meaning "lesson".
We are called Somo because we all have lessons to learn from each other.
Visionary entrepreneurs exist in marginalized communities around the world.
Somo is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and pledges that
100% of donations go to funding our entrepreneurs.








Somo Academy is training and business coaching to help entrepreneurs optimize their business strategies.

  • Boost Biz

    Boost Biz is a basic business program that focuses on existing small businesses to help upscale current operations.

  • Buruka

    Buruka is a training program focused on social entrepreneurs that is tailored to the needs of each entrepreneur and driven by market research.

  • Chanuka

    Chanuka is coaching provided by other Somo portfolio companies, Somo team and our volunteer advisors, both 1:1 and through group sessions.

  • DigiSomo View on YouTube

    This is a set of digital business training tools that are available through WhatsApp, YouTube and a toll-free number.


Through Somo Invest we provide initial seed investments to businesses and connect them to growth partners for scale.

  • Inuka

    Somo provides non-repayable investments for the initial capital expenditures necessary to launch their ventures. Later stage funding is provided through pitch competitions and debt partners.

  • DigiKua View on YouTube

    This is a USSD and WhatsApp platform that allows businesses to record their transactions in real-time.


Somo Channels offers a platform to sell locally produced items from Kenya. Provide support at every stage of a bussiness value chain

  • Tengeneza View on YouTube

    A shared production facility that provides entrepreneurs with access to equipment, print services and standardized processes

  • Somo Duka Shop Now

    Somo products are sold through both Somo’s and third party’s online and physical channels.

Our Partners

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