General FAQs

What does Somo stand for?

Somo is not an acronym. Somo is the root of a Swahili word meaning "lesson". We are called Somo because we all have lessons to learn from each other.

How can I get in touch with Somo

Email us at or call our office numbers
Kibera Office - +254 798985151
Kayole Office - +254 768825370
Kisumu Office - +254 768 517 417
Mombasa Office - +254 115 720 085
Tengeneza Space - +254 729 243 881
Tanzania, Arusha - +255 758 086 441

How do we define a social impact business?

  • Employment creation, especially when focused on single parents, women at-risk, and people living with disabilities
  • Education, i.e vocational/technical training for underserved groups, hours of education, scholarships provided and number of school partnered with
  • Health i.e Number of individuals trained on health-related topics, the amount of healthy food production, number of new clients introduced to health-related products/service and the number of organizations partnered with.
  • Environmental i.e clean energy substitution, water saved, sustainable agriculture, and waste reduced

What makes you different from any other accelerator in your region?

What is unique about Somo is the holistic approach we take, the demographic we target, and the long-term commitment we make to entrepreneurs. We do not only trai,but we mentor,advise as well as fund by provision of tools to implement your idea.

What opportunities do you offer?

  • Somo academy
  • Somo Invest
  • Somo Channel

Outreach FAQs

What are the criteria to join Somo?

We look for social businesses that

  • Impact their communities in either Health, Education,empowerment and Environment
  • Sustainable
  • Scalable
  • Unique
  • Have community impact

What if my business is just an idea

Somo works with inspiring social entrepreneurs either with an existing business or a business at an idea stage as well as the start-ups

How can I join if my business is not in Nairobi?

You can join the program from our two branches, Mombasa and Kisumu

Will I be funded after completing the training?

Funding is not guaranteed. Our panel of judges will select businesses based on social impact. Sustainability and scalability to receive funding. The funds are released based on the needs of your business.

Can I apply with two business ideas?

If you have two business ideas you would like to start, Apply with the one that meets our criteria to join the training program and later graduate to the acceleration program.1 applicant 1 business idea

If one is not funded, can you avail other funding avenues?

We do not provide other funding avenues to entrepreneurs who did not qualify for funding from our training program but you can check out online for similar organizations that do something similar.

Training FAQs
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As part of our Market access program, Somo Soko is Somo┬┤s annual market that helps our entrepreneurs to network, share their stories, and sell their products.
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