Yo - ToTo Food Drive

Meet Lillian Oyugi! She is an entrepreneur in Kibera, Kenya. Kibera is a low-income, urban community, also known as a slum. It holds about a fifth of population in the city of Nairobi. (Source: bbc)

Due to how expensive commercial yogurt is in her area, Lillian and her company co-founder began making yogurt for their children in 2014. Their company, Yo-ToTo, sells organic yogurt at affordable prices to families and schools in Nairobi. It is made without preservatives, using probiotic cultures and fruit-based natural flavors. Lillian has been sponsored by The Somo Project, a non-profit dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs, and has store-front space sponsored by Pop Up Shop Kenya!

“My dream for my community is to see young children growing up so happy, so healthy, because I
believe that nutrition and education work well together.” (Lillian Oyugi)

Let’s help bring that dream to life! We are raising $350 so that Lillian can provide her nutritional yogurt to the children in her community. Each yogurt costs $0.50 USD, and we would like to provide a yogurt to every child at Brainstorm school. This school is in the local Kibera slums, and it has about 700 children attending, ranging from ages 3-15. Lillian’s Yo-Toto yogurt would be an ideal supplement to the limited food that is offered by the school, but it cannot afford the additional cost for all of their students. Your support will not only feed children in the Kibera community, but also support a small business and entrepreneur.

How to donate: You may ‘purchase’ yogurts to be produced and donated to the school here.

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