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92 Morningside Avenue #7E
New York, New York 10027

P.O BOX 76403-00508, Olympic Stage Kibera, Nairobi Kenya

+254798985151 or +254768786499
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The Inspiration: Lillian began making yoghurt for her children in 2014 due to the high prices of other commercial yoghurt brands available in stores. She went on to co-found Yo-Toto with her husband, Collins, which sells organic yoghurt at affordable prices to families and schools in Nairobi.


The Product:  Yo-Toto Yoghurt is made without preservatives, using probiotic cultures and fruit-based natural flavours. It is rich in protein, calcium, Vitamin B, potassium, and magnesium and improves both digestion and the immune system. Available in strawberry and vanilla, Yo-Toto Yoghurt makes a perfect school snack or quick and healthy breakfast for working parents.


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Yo-Toto Yoghurt