Scorch Chilli and Pickled Mango

True Kijani farms produce chilies and make chili products. We started with the mission to empower unemployed mothers. We produce high quality of chilies in many varieties to use both for local consumption and export. The types of chili we plant are: Habanero, Birds Eye, Cayenne and Bullet Chili. We make spiced chili sauce, chili powder, and chili flakes.

Scorch Chilli and Pickled Mango

True kijani farm chilli

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    543 West 122nd St.  #22G
    New York, NY 10027

    P.O BOX 76403-00508, Olympic Stage Kibera, Nairobi Kenya

    Nairobi +254798985151, +254768825370, 

    Kisumu +254768517417
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