Beryl’s cousin suffering from malnutrition as a child inspired her to start producing organic peanut butter and honey to help boost their immunity. Belano produces healthy and affordable peanut butter and honey.



The Goblin Gym is a workout space for the community focused on providing personalized, quality, and affordable gym services at an accessible and secure location. They hope to be a space where people can healthily let out stress and create a social environment around working out.



Sanaa Kreationz aims to reduce the amount of garbage that is usually dumped in the Dandora dumpsite. We do this by creating art pieces using glass, cotton, and ankara off-cuts to create unique wall hangings.


Our products are made from waste materials that we collect to make into beautiful recycled products. In this way we help create a healthy environment where children in slum areas can play freely. 



Imani Kidspace is a healthy and conducive childcare centre located in Githurai. Imani provides quality, affordable childcare services to children aged between two months and four years. They also provide day and night care to special needs children. Their goal is to create a society that is free from discrimination of children with special needs. 



Crunchy fruit jam produces fruit jam in a variety of flavours. We are located in Githurai and will be training young people in the area on how to make our product. This will allow us to create employment while also making a tasty and healthy product for our customers.



Samuel is from Kisumu Ndongo and has experienced two issues in his community: 1. Lack of clean and affordable energy and 2. Insufficient bathroom services. Samuel’s idea is to launch a biodigester that will provide a clean source of energy to assist the community in cooking and bathing. His mission is to offer a clean, affordable, and reliable energy source to the constituents of Kisumu Ndongo.



Tabitha’s business collects waste fabric from tailors and uses them to create products such as stuffed animals and bags. By introducing innovative techniques, she ensures that the environment is well protected and that there is responsible consumption. Her products represent African pride at a time when the African identity is at stake from culture vultures. She also trains youth, particularly women, coming from low-income areas to be able to make fashionable products using innovative methods that avoid wasting resources.



Kevin is enhancing food security through the production and processing of high-quality goat products such as milk, meat, manure, and superior toggen burg cross breeds. His venture works with the destitute young people and women in the society. He has employed 2 youths,and currently has a total of 12 goats. To create awareness and share information, Togg Farm offers trainings, and hosts field days in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, as well as the Livestock and Fishery Departments and the national government.



Gomira Interiors is a venture that offers comprehensive interior design services for motor vehicles, motorcycles, and offices in Nairobi. Gomira Interiors also provides access to products that complement the design consulting services including furniture (both new and antique), decorative fabric, as well as home and office accessories. This venture offers personalized services the target market desires and can afford in a way that is unique from concept to implementation. Through this work Gomira is able to train and employ low-income youth. 



Verics, founded by Veronica and Eric, has launched their hydroponics systems now in Kakuma, a refugee camp in northwestern Kenya. After expanding to three informal settlements in Nairobi, partnering with 13 small-scale farmers and employing 17 people, they discovered an expansion opportunity in refugee camps. They have expanded well beyond Nairobi, to Malindi on the eastern coast to Kisumu in Western Kenya. Hydroponics is a form of farming that uses minimal water to grow plants in small spaces.



When Josephine was unemployed, a friend taught her how to make candles. Eventually, she began to sell her candles to people in her community and became financially independent. She realized that by training other single or unemployed women to make and sell candles, she could help to bring them out of poverty, inspiring the founding of Mwangaza Candles.



Rose produces healthy, organic peanut butter. Popular around Nairobi, her peanut butter is providing an affordable source of protein. As well, Rose hires women in Mathare to help produce and sell the product.



Carol founded WeeCare to teach early childhood education and educate young mothers on the importance of speaking and reading to their kids early. Carol works with multiple women’s groups to help them implement educational  activities with their kids into their hectic schedules.



Michelle and Thomas have started Habari Kibra to be a platform that allows
youth to engage their passion for journalism. The training program teaches
youth a wide range of skills, from writing to photography to TV/media
production, so that they can reach their ambitions in an ever-changing and
diverse industry. Graduates are set up with income-producing journalism jobs
or join the Habari Kibra team to sell content to local media hubs in Nairobi.



Josphat takes toxic solid waste and repurposes it to create jobs in underserved communities. He employs youth to collect electronic waste and make different electronic products from it. He was inspired to do this after being unable to afford a phone when he was young and witnessing the pile up of toxic materials outside his home.



Margaret started PapShop after noticing a gap in access to and information about temporary retail spaces for artisans seeking to showcase and sell their products. At the same time, malls, hotels
and store fronts had available retail space. PapShop is an online platform that takes the hassle out of finding and renting retail space, connecting artisans to temporary spaces.



Growing up in Kibera, Magda had many friends drop out of school because of getting pregnant young. She started Mother’s Bakery to use her talent in baking to help train young women with a skill that could help them be self sustainable. She trains young, single mothers and then brings them on her team to produce breads, cakes and other baked good



Vivian creates unique Afrocentric pieces, providing a look that gives the wearer a one-of-a-kind flair. Her designs are made
from recycled scrap material she gathers from seamstresses, creating sustainable apparel. Through apprenticeships she
employs youth to collect scrap fabric and produce clothes.



David was born and raised in the slums of Kibera and was inspired by the art he saw everyday in his community. David’s line of clothing is inspired by the streets of Kibera, and his desire to share his home
fashions with people around the world



FheelBeta nutritional products produces high quality immunity boosters, wheat-grass juice, and wheatgrass powder products that are tasty, healthy, and affordable. We focus on improving health standards in the country while creating job opportunities for unemployed youth.



SportBaze is a youth led business venture that seeks to provide footballs and sporting equipment products to clubs,learning institutions, tournaments, and sports team. SportBaze fabricates and brands high-quality, pure leather handmade footballs through a unique production concept that results in a significant reduction in production cost when compared with that of existing providers.



Rose has witnessed dangers Kibera women experience when they journey
to the marketplace early in the morning or late at night. Rose runs a farm where she grows fresh fruits and vegetables locally that are both affordable and accessible. Rose has now built a greenhouse and created sack gardens, allowing her to farm in any season. Rose is also creating a fish farm to help create organic fertilizer for her produce.



Mseto Design is a company that deals with making affordable furniture in Kisumu. The business employs youth to produce the furniture, helping address the high



Victor was inspired to start a construction company due to

the lack of proper housing in the community he came from. Houses often would fall down during the rainy

seasons because of being informally built. O’ngollo aims to build affordable housing out of local materials in

low-income areas.



REKA Skin Care makes natural, homemade skin care products at affordable prices. REKA Skin Care uses natural ingredients to create their products. As well, we train customers on how to care for their skin. We teach about the importance of a good skincare routine and how to avoid using harmful chemicals in the products you use. 



True Kijani farms produces chillies and makes chilli products. We started with the mission to empower unemployed mothers.We produce high quality of chillies in many varieties to use both for local consumption and export. 


The types of chilli we plant are: Habanero, Birds Eye, Cayenne and bullet chilli. We make spiced chilli sauce, chilli powder ,and chilli flakes n. For the international market we target the UAE, European continent and the Asian continent as there is a demand for chilli. 



Catherine came up with the idea for Caya Products after noticing that many children in her community of Githurai were malnourished. Her goal is to create a community with healthier living standards.   She thus began to research affordable ways to improve nutritional wellbeing. This led to the creation of Caya flour, which creates nutritious flours from cassavas and yams. 



Morineuts uses moringa to make nutritious foods. Moringa is one of the most nutrition-packed plants in existence, growing in tropical climates around the world. Purity and Esther produce products such as powder, tea, honey, and baby formula. Moringa is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It contains significant amounts of vitamin A, C, and E, as well as calcium, potassium, and protein



Motarah is a furniture company that produces customizable furniture made from recycled wooden pallets. Gerald spent time working in high-end luxury home developments. This background gave him the right knowledge, skills, and expertise to launch his venture. Motarah has a broad selection of design choices, high-end finishes, as well as professional customer service, delivery, and quality. They make furniture such as wall clocks, hangings, living room and outdoor seating.



Mibema makes beaded items, including beaded jewelry, beaded cups, and beaded coasters. The items are handmade and high-quality. Mibema also trains individuals interested in learning the craft, as well as children during school holidays. Mibema was founded by Millicent Khasoa who is a single mother. After struggling to look for work with no avail, she went to a church training where she was taught the art of beadwork. That's how she started to earn her livelihood. She saw the need to help other women in her situation and that is how they came about.



Neema Sanitizer offers herbal sanitizer products that are medically recommended for household use. Her mission is to provide quality and affordable hand wash sanitizer, while creating job opportunities for others, and training the youth. Her vision is to see a healthy society through affordable hygiene products.



AfriKnit Dolls makes African dolls from scrap/waste fabric to clean up the environment, address the lack of African inspired dolls in the market and also train school dropouts and employ destitute youth from the surrounding community. AfriKnit Dolls creates employment for vulnerable youth in the  community through this business.



Elizabeth witnessed many girls and young women in urban low income areas miss school and other important daily activities monthly because they could not afford sanitary towels. In response, she began experimenting with making reusable sanitary towels to address this issue. Her company, Ahadi, produces high quality reusable sanitary pads.



Moya Footwear is a recycling company collecting waste materials such as leather shoes from industries, used fabrics from tailors, used vehicle tires, leather from carpenters and old jeans to make quality and durable footwear, sold both locally and abroad. They work with young mothers and youth
to train them to be skilled artisans, producing shoes and generate sustainable source of income.



Yo-Toto Yogurt was started to provide a healthy lunch and snack alternative
to the children of Kibera. The yogurt is made without preservatives, using probiotic cultures and fruit-based natural flavors. It is rich in protein, calcium, Vitamin B, potassium and magnesium, and improves both digestion and the immune system. Available in strawberry and vanilla, Yo-Toto yogurt makes a perfect school snack or quick and healthy breakfast for working parents. The company also makes made-to-order smoothies and fruit cups.



Emmanuel grew up in Kawangware where he witnessed many small businesses popping up that would last only a short period of time because they did not have a clear idea of how to market to their customers. He therefore started making digital art and branding for businesses in Kawangware. Vutia Watu empowers local youth by offering digital art and design training and then connecting them to jobs.



Working at her neighborhood market in Githurai, Faith saw the potential to turn excess rice sacks into durable, cost effective shopping bags. The recent plastic bag ban in Nairobi makes Faith’s bags even more popular. She also recycles used jeans and other waste fabric and transforms them into beautiful bags which are also used by school-going children in her community.



Bernard discovered his passion for singing and creating music as a teenager in Kibera. He started Vessels Music School to teach voice, piano, guitar and other instruments, but also to use the “universal language of music” to bridge divides in his  community, create employment and empower  youth to embrace their creativity.



Johnstone created a power backup system to tackle the challenge of frequent power blackouts in Kibera and other low income areas, producing an affordable power alternative for low income earners. Power outages are especially detrimental to businesses in these areas that often have to shut down for hours or days at a time. One Ufanisi power backup can support operations at a restaurant for an entire day.



Maseline was inspired to found Seline Pads when a girl came to her office for counseling after her widowed mum could not afford sanitary napkins. The young girl had to improvise with rags which made menstrual blood leak through her dress. Seline Pads now provides disadvantaged young women with sanitary towels and
undergarments. Her products are eco-friendly, reusable, and washable.



Socatoa is a laundry service responding to the need for an affordable place for busy people in the community to drop off clothes and have them cleaned. Derick heard several stories of abuse against women who cleaned others’ homes in his community and as a result his business employs these women, providing them a safe space to continue their jobs
whilst gaining a stable income



Oshar  is a small business enterprise that produces highly effective, homemade detergents which are supplied to individuals and institutions at affordable prices. They also train and employ women engaged in sex work who are looking for alternative means of income to support themselves and their families.



Steven is working to provide clean water delivery and shower services in Kibera, eliminating the burden of water collection and reducing the incidence of water-born diseases. Along with the delivery of water, his customers will receive public health and sanitation information through a mobile application.



Stanley is working to teach youth in Kibera high-level computer programming languages in their own community. His graduates have had the opportunity to find freelancing jobs through platforms such as Elance,  Upwork and iWriter and be hired by large companies like Samasource.



Bonventure produces delicious, healthy fish products and organic vegetables through aquaponics. He has set up fish farms in schools, producing both healthy vegetables
for the school and the community at large.



Pauline is the founder of Paugen, which provides affordable detergents to the Manyatta community. Pauline is working towards improving the hygiene conditions in Manyatta and creating employment through her business.



Around 1 million acres of forest vanish per week. A sixty-foot tree will take 60 years to replace. Meanwhile, a sixty-foot bamboo will re-grow in just 59 days. Bamboo is recognised as the world's fastest growing plant and is a strong material to use for building.


Elegance Bamboo deals with the production of artistic interior and exterior bamboo designs. We make  furniture, handicrafts, shades, gazebos, fountains, fences and ceiling. The products are suitable for homes, offices, compounds, and restaurants. Our products are meant to bring the presence of nature in indoor and outdoor environment. 



We make leather and fabric products from recycled materials  picked from the dumpsites. We involve youths with no secondary school education to scavenge and obtain the waste materials. We also train youths and women who are being rehabilitated from drug and substance abuse.Some of our products are leather wallets, fabricated trousers, fabricated jackets, patterned and patternless leather belts, purses and handbags



Gregory has set up a center in Kayole where urban residents can visit and learn about urban agriculture. The center is a model farm where individuals, schools, youth, and women’s groups can get on-farm demonstration and learn how to practice urban farming. Community members can also wither buy produce from Mwengenye Greens or access needed inputs and resources to begin their own urban agriculture ventures.



Smart fireguards make affordable smart fire detection gadgets to stem increased fire incidents in Kibera and other congested areas. They  design, manufacture and maintain fire alarm solutions. This helps provide early warning for fire outbreaks and will both save lives and money. As well, we help curb air pollution resulting from frequent fire infernos in Kibera and other informal settlements.



Mizizi is an interior and exterior decor company creating unique bamboo artwork and furniture. Mizizi’s mission is to create employment by training youth in artistic skills that they can use to create and sell products. Additionally, he aims to train his employees to be able to do their work well and gain skills that help them earn a living.



Ethnic Print is a design company based in Kayole that is passionate about transforming waste fabric into eco-friendly products. Ashley’s mission is to create affordable bags, accessories, and hoodies from recycled waste fabric. Her vision is to encourage recycling for a cleaner and healthier environment. Their products include handbags, backpacks, laptop bags, sling bags, jewelry sets, and hoodies. The products are made from denim sourced from textile shops and pieces of Ankara fabric from tailoring shops.



Jackline makes animal figurines and necklaces from paper mache. To make them she uses old magazines and newspapers that have been thrown away. She collects the ones that have been thrown out and buys the rest from sellers who would have otherwise thrown away their excess stock. She makes wild animal figurines and jewelry from paper mache, which promote and celebrate Kenyan culture and decorate the environment in a unique way instead of polluting it. The vision for her business is to create a cleaner, more beautiful environment, while also promoting Kenyan culture.



The mother-daughter team of Hilda and Diana make reusable diapers. They were inspired by seeing single mothers from Korogocho struggling to purchase sufficient diapers for their babies. Their diapers are 50 ksh and last an entire month! This both cuts down on a huge cost for mothers and reduces pollution.



Seth grew up watching their parents produce honey. He sees honey as an important staple as it can be used to treat a variety of conditions, from dandruff and allergies to coughs and burns. Honey has not only been used as a sweetener for hundreds of years, but also can control blood sugar levels and tastes great!



Simon creates furniture such as chairs, tables and footrests from recycled tires. He was inspired after he witnessed the 2007/2008 election violence, where people burned tires in protest. He decided to employ idle youth to make art out of these tires instead of burning them.



Nutrition Palace is a healthy food cafe in Kibera, Nairobi. Their mission is to produce nutritious, great tasting meals that are affordable to their community. Where previously only existed fast food restaurants, their cafe offers a healthy
alternative for a low-income population.



Allan is the founder of Portable Voices podcasts, which produces interactive weekly podcasts focused on Nairobi’s informal settlements, and enabling the community residents to express themselves creatively. They are now also piloting the production of African literature audio books.



Elkanah is a web designer from Kawangware who started DoubleServ to train youth there in web design skills. His mission is to form a team to sell web design services to businesses in Nairobi. He is now expanding his program to reach the refugee Sudanese population in Nairobi.



Steven has developed an affordable solar powered jiko (stove) that replaces the more commonly used charcoal powered jiko. Charcoal jikos are a hazard to the environment, as well as peoples’ health, from air pollution. He is also creating a solar water heating system to warm showers in an environmentally friendly way. Further, to its affordability, Jiko Solar can be purchased with small payments over a period of time, making it more accessible to people in the community.



Kizito converts natural materials like wood calabashes into artifacts such as wall hangings and lampshades. His goal is to preserve Kenyan culture while empowering young talented entrepreneurs. His vision is to see today’s
youth earn from their arts and original creations.



Steven grew up in Baba-Dogo where he saw many of his peers turn to drugs and alcohol as they got older. He wanted to create an alternative outlet for youth and began to recycle local solid waste to create fine pieces of art. His products include paintings, portraits, sculptures, bracelets, earrings, door mats and bookmarks. To make this artwork he employs youth in low-income areas to
both collect the waste and make the final products.



Bdigismart is a software company based in Kibera. We provide the simplest record keeping and accounting app for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises. With our simple record keeping app created in Swahili and local languages and comprised of an automated accounting system, our goal is to reduce the number of MSMEs that die every year and increase their access to credit.



Maples Oven Caterers is a healthy food cafe aimed at offering hygienic, organic meals at affordable prices for the
underserved community of Kibera. We also have a training program for widows and young mothers, through which they are trained in healthy cooking techniques and given job opportunities. I feel strongly about supporting these groups because of the hardships I went through as a widow.



Kiscom provides affordable information communication technology
services to the people of Kibera, an informal settlement in Nairobi that is
thought to be the largest slum in Africa and one of the largest in the world.
Kiscom offers computer training to disadvantaged youth in the community,
subsidizing these services through the other ICT services offered. Kiscom
also promoted education by providing library resources to kids who cannot
afford school books, allowing them to rent at a low-cost after school.



Throughout his time in Kibera, Abraham has witnessed the deforestation and health problems caused by coal. Potter’s Briquettes are made of waste products and sugarcane remains. Not only do his briquettes cause less environmental harm than coal does, but they are also cheaper, longer lasting and less damaging to users’ health.

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